School of Pharmacy LIU



The LIU Pharmily is a group of passionate pharmacy students motivated to maintaining a friendly atmosphere within the Faculty of Pharmacy at our campus while positively impacting our environment by actively educating the general public on the latest medical trends and interventions.

The Pharmily was founded in March 2018 by Israa El Sayed, Nadine Sabra and Ismail Jomha. Our club consists of Pharmacy students from every class year. We owe our success to the wonderful, creative, and outstanding participation of all Pharmily members, who always strive to maintain a cheerful and fantastic atmosphere by working as one unit, thus leading to extraordinary results. Through group work and team building events, we continue to successfully bring faculty members closer to us and in turn establishing a family like environment, hence the name Pharmily.


Our primary objective is to bring together pharmacy students from all years, including pre-pharmacy and professional years, while getting them to participate in many activities varying from health campaigns and academia to entertainment and team building events.

In addition, pre-pharmacy students can benefit from the mentorship and experiences of their senior colleagues. As an added benefit, our activities help students in building their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and experience a wide range of activities, making them distinguished. Many hand and soft skills are obtained by organizing events and sharing of knowledge, ideology and methodology.


Our mission is to implement our role as pharmacists in conjunction with our education in order to practice and acquire real-world experience and stay true to our lifelong commitment. Our dedication to our careers and studies should not prevent us from enjoying ourselves. We believe that entertainment and team building activities are crucial for us to express our personalities and maintaining our psychological health by releasing stress.


Our vision is to see our Pharmily prosper and expand continuously by working hand in hand with our faculty members and extracurricular committee. Our aim is to have our Pharmily participate in national pharmaceutical conferences and symposia. We also strive to achieve a global presence by participating in and contributing to worldwide events such as the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress and others. Achieving these goals will enable us to develop a network of pharmacists on a national and international level.


The Pharmily plays a major role in most, if not all, events that take place in our School of Pharmacy (SOP). We plan, organize, and participate in health awareness campaigns both on and off campus.
Our campaigns are open to anyone who wishes to attend them and are not limited to other students. We often rely on social media and word of mouth to advertise these events. Through these campaigns we prepare booths, posters and any other required materials (e.g. broachers, souvenirs, etc.) to educate our audience.
For entertainment, our activities combine physical activity as well artistic talents. In addition, our talented group of members produce educational and entertaining videos that are posted on our social media accounts. These videos are produced entirely by our Pharmily from writing and acting to filming and editing. Our presence is not restricted to the LIU; our members are very active in events all over Lebanon and on an international level through the Lebanese Pharmacy Students’ Association (LPSA) and the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF). Some of our Pharmily members hold board positions in the LPSA: Ali Krayem (Treasurer), Israa El Sayed (IPSF Contact Person), Nadine Sabra (Media & Publications), Rasha Baalbaky (Secretory), and I (Ismail Jomha) am the LPSA representative in Bekaa.


In order to become part of our Pharmily, simply contact us through our email or social media accounts. Email:, Instagram: liu_pharmily, or Facebook page: LIU Pharmily. The Pharmily head would be more than glad to add you to the team.

Pharmily’s Statement

A soccer coach called Ruud Gullit once said “We must have had 99% of the game, it was the other 3% that cost us the match”, implying it takes more than 100% to succeed, and this is the standard our Pharmily holds, always giving over 100%.
Thanks to our unique motivational Dean, Professor Mohamad Rahal, and our brilliant inspirational faculty members, the LIU Pharmily will continue to shine with their outstanding efforts and achievements.

Much Love,
Ismail A. Jomha
Co-founder & Head of the LIU Pharmily
LPSA Bekaa Representative