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LIU School of Pharmacy Christmas Fundraising Campaign for CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) Association – 2016

Under the Christmas Spirit, the students at the school of pharmacy held a Fundraising Campaign on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 to support CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) Association, which helps in the treatment of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

CHANCE is a Lebanese Association whose mission is to help Lebanese children with Cancer or Blood Disorders receive the best chance for cure and accept their disease. Children with cancer have very high cure rates so financial difficulties should never be an obstacle to successful treatment because every child should have the right to be treated and cured. It was started in 2002 by doctors, parents and volunteers so that EVERY child in Lebanon can receive the best CHANCE to be saved. CHANCE has been registered since 2005 as an official non-profit organization that supports the treatment of children suffering from cancer (by funding their chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, etc…) mainly at St George, Hotel Dieu, Rizk, Abou-Jaoudeh and Ste Thérèse Hospitals and many others and promotes cancer prevention and cancer control in Lebanon in addition to organizing activities and outings for the children, so they can accept their disease. CHANCE has also been approved since 2006, as the first Lebanese association to be a member of ICCCPO, the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations, representing Lebanon

Since CHANCE relies entirely on volunteer work and donations, and since the mission of schools that teach health related majors including pharmacy schools is awareness, community work and patient centered care, the students and faculty members planned for this fundraiser to support this association. The students prepared a setting that was inspired by the Christmas Spirit. It included photo booths, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and a happy pill costume that was dressed as Santa Clause and was worn by one of the students to promote the fundraiser on that day. They also created a “FIGHT CANCER” Wall of handprints, whereby donors posted their handprint in different colors to show their support for such a noble cause. Frollies is a sweets company that also had a booth to sell cinnamon rolls, and the returns of those sales went back also to support the Association

The donations that were given by the students, faculty members, and administrative staff summed up to a total of more than two thousand dollars. When we informed Dr. Rola Farah, the founder and president of CHANCE Association, about our success, she said: “Greatttt… You are amazing… thanks for LIU for helping the children in their fight.”

The team, who organized this event, including the students and faculty members, has always been passionately committed to looking for noble causes to help those in need. And in fact, they have actually fulfilled the slogan of this association which is: Let's all join hands and efforts to "Give them a CHANCE"...