School of Pharmacy LIU


BPharm Program

BPharm is a five-year program (179 credits) allowing graduates to practice the pharmaceutical profession and to register in the Order of Lebanese Pharmacists. This program prepares students to be competent pharmacists capable of providing high quality healthcare services...

A- Criteria for Admission

A candidate should have earned the Lebanese Baccalaureate with an overall average of at least 50 %, the category of the Lebanese is listed below:
  1. General Science
  2. Life Sciences

B- Entrance Examination

Any candidate who has met the requirement of Undergraduate Program is required to sit for a University Placement Test (UPT) Entrance examination. Also, the student should sit for a University English Placement Test (UEPT) if the TOEFL score is less than 535. The University Placement Test includes the following subjects:

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry

C- The Bachelor of Pharmacy study plan :

Major Title Credits Contract Sheet Plan of Study Course Description
Pharmacy 179

Tuition fees

Financial Aid