School of Pharmacy LIU



The mission of the school to develop distinguished professionals in pharmacy practice, research and community services through a dynamic educational program aligned with national and international standards.


The vision of the School of Pharmacy is to be a socially accountable institution committed to advance the pharmacy profession through education, practice, research, and community outreach.

Core Values:
  • Distinction: we aim for distinction and motivation in teaching and practice.

  • Diversity: we embrace a strong view that values diversity and cultural differences and recognizes the importance of global interdependence and sustainability.

  • Collaboration: we collaborate with national and international associations and construct partnership with national and international practice sites.

  • Integrity, trust, and respect: we are committed to being a school that demonstrates high level of trust and respect for all persons and cultivates individuals and institutional integrities in all aspects.

  • Leadership: we promote leadership and professional development and endorse innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Dedication: we empower our students to attain the maximum intellectual potential, develop a culture of community services and commitment.

Goals :

We believe that the achievement of our goals is dependent on:

  • Preparing professional leaders to optimize patient care.

  • Developing a distinguished professional organization qualified in education, practice and research.

  • Creating an environment that values community engagement and improves the quality of patient’s life.

  • Promoting faculty, staff, students, and alumni development and growth.

  • Advancing the school dynamic program aligned with national and international educational standards.

  • Supporting collaborations for multidisciplinary research and affiliations with various practice settings.