School of Pharmacy LIU


Dean’s Message

The Pharmacy profession has passed through many changes throughout history; from the traditional use of plants and other spiritual remedies to the highly advanced application of biotechnology and gene therapy. This great development in drug investigation and pharmaceutical exploration set new challenges for pharmacists to deal with and to make use of.

Over the past few years we worked very hard to establish a program which enables our graduates to become new asset in the healthcare system. The school is staffed with motivated and dedicated instructors who employ their knowledge and experience to facilitate the learning process and to stimulate students' interest and attention toward the program. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with new and advanced equipments which support and serve the learning procedure.

And with the fact that our students come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and are highly motivated to pioneer and to serve their societies, this made our school acknowledged by public and private institutions and our graduates are highly recognized by national and international pharmaceutical companies. It is worth to mention as well that our graduates' performance in the national colloquium exam was outstanding with 100% passing rate and with highest scores attained.

Recently one added achievement to the School of Pharmacy where Pharm D, a postgraduate degree is also offered to students having a BS degree in Pharmacy. Our mission is to offer the highest level of education to meet the advanced medical developments in the Lebanese and Arab World.

Mohamad K. Rahal, PhD
Dean of Pharmacy