School of Pharmacy LIU


Extracurricular Committee

Extracurricular committee is responsible for activities that take place outside regular class teaching. It inculcates additional credit towards career and thereby leading towards holistic development of an individual. It provides both students and faculty the platform to participate in diverse activities. Most of events are coordinated and organized by students themselves under close supervision of the faculty members.

The main aim of the committee is:

  • To channelize and explore the hidden potential among the students
  • To nourish students’ positive life values and attitudes
  • To develop students’ leadership skills, organizational skills and collaboration
  • To explore and develop students’ potential and talents to the fullest
  • To raise students’ and faculties’ sense of belonging to school through extra-curricular activities


  • Develop an event calendar for the School
  • Plan and organize the School annual events
  • Plan and organize activities aiming at increasing public and health awareness.

Membership :

Beirut campus:

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Mariam Dabbous
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Ahmad Dimassi
    • Dr. Etwal Bouraad
    • Dr. Fouad Sakr
    • Dr. Iqbal Fahs
    • Dr. Michelle Cherfan
    • Dr. Marwan Akel
    • Dr. Ruba Chdeed
    • Dr. Tarek Jinani
    • Student Aya Ibrahim
    • Student Arij Aramanazi
    • Student Rasha Ismail
    • Student Zeinab Noureddine

Bekaa Campus:

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Samar Younes
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Dalal Hammoudi
    • Dr. Dalal F Mourad
    • Dr. Dareen Bleibel
    • Dr. Farah Chehimi
    • Dr. Mohammad Hendaus
    • Dr. Nisreen Mourad
    • Dr. Rasha Jbara
    • Dr. Susana Abdel Fattah
    • Student Ismail Jomha
    • Student Andre Slim
    • Student Malak Sailan