School of Pharmacy LIU


Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee functions as a proactive body and is responsible for curricular development, evaluation, and improvement consistent with the curricular outcomes, the mission of the curriculum, and the mission and vision of the School of Pharmacy to meet its strategic outcomes as well as accreditation standards. The Curriculum Committee is the central body for the management of orderly (timely) and systematic reviews of curricular structure, course content, process, outcomes and any other curricular concerns. The committee is also charged with the responsibility of reviewing and addressing results of curricular assessment of curriculum outcomes. The committee consists of the dean, assistant deans, chairs, one full timer representative, one part timer representative, and a student representative.

The functions and duties of the committee:

  • o   Define the content of the curriculum
  • o   Determine the size and sequencing of courses
  • o   Review and evaluate existing courses
  • o   Approve new courses
  • o   Oversee scheduling of courses
  • o   Determine educational policies regarding methods of teaching and evaluation
  • o   Ensure coordination of course material, identification of content omission or
         unnecessary repetition, identification of outdated or unessential content, and
         recommendation of a reasonable course load for students
  • o   Foster the highest quality experiential education in the Pharmacy Practice
         Experience (PPE) courses and suggest changes in sites, course content, course offering
         in order to meet future needs.
  • o   Coordinate with the market place to adapt curricula fitting for pharmaceutical
         industry as well as the growing patient-oriented sector of pharmacy practice or
         possible novel fields.

Membership :

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Jihan Safwan
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Etwal Bourad
    • Dr. Bahia Chahine
    • Dr. Dalal Hammoudi
    • Dr. Fouad Sakr
    • Dr. Marwan Akel
    • Dr. Michelle Cherfan
    • Dr. Samar Younes
    • Student Haia Wazzan