School of Pharmacy LIU


Assessment Committee

The assessment committee of the School of Pharmacy was launched in December 2016. It is a standing faculty committee of the School that has the role to formulate, refine, and manage an overall assessment plan for the professional degrees. The committee, in an advisory capacity, is responsible for informing the Dean about critical assessment needs, processes, tools, and data sources; define the infrastructure and resources needed to manage assessment; and implement preliminary assessment plan.

The duties of the assessment committee are to:

  • Establish and organize an assessment plan in coordination with the Dean, Department Chairs, Course Coordinators, and Administration.
  • Create a feasible structure/tools to collect data for assessment of courses, faculty, learning outcomes, and practice.
  • Communicate this structure to faculty in a timely and effective fashion.
  • Analyze data from assessment tools.
  • On a yearly basis, report results of the analysis to the Dean and discuss with full-time faculty to support and counsel in continuous improvement of the School.
  • Communicate effectively with other committees, mainly the curriculum committee.
  • Continuously improve and update assessment tools to develop a structure compatible with the School and conforming to that of prestigious schools of pharmacy.

Membership :

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Dalal Hammoudi
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Mohammad Assi
    • Dr. Etwal Bouraad
    • Dr. Mariam Dabbous
    • Dr. Fadi Hdeab
    • Dr. Diana Malaeb
    • Dr. Nisreen Mourad
    • Dr. Samar Younes
    • Student member: Abdel Rahman Shaaban