School of Pharmacy LIU


Grievance Committee


The purpose of the School Grievance Policy is to guide LIU pharmacy students in understanding:
  • What academic integrity and misconduct are for students;
  • The processes the school will follow when there is a suspicion of student academic misconduct;
  • The academic penalties and other consequences that may be imposed if student are found to have engaged in academic misconduct.


This policy applies to all current and former LIU students (BS and PharmD) and applies to all academic activities, whether on or off campus, whether within or outside of a course. The Grievance Procedures issues will be related to the following matters:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating;
  • Misrepresentation of Personal Identity or Performance;
  • Submission of False Information;

Fundamental Values of Academic Grievance:

This policy is premised on the commitment of LIU to foster and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, the fundamental values of which are honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, as well as trustworthiness. All members of LIU including faculty, students, assistants and staff, have a responsibility to adhere to and uphold them in their teaching, learning, evaluation, research and creative activity. Policies and rules are disseminated to all students through the course syllabus and documented on the Students manual.

Fair Process:

The University recognizes that it is a serious matter for students to be involved in an academic misconduct investigation. The school of pharmacy will apply the policy in a manner that is consistent with the principles of justice based on an equal and fair decision among all participants.

Academic Misconduct and Professional Codes of Ethics/Conduct:

Students are required to abide by the standards of the professional code of ethics or code of conduct as a condition of successful completion of a practicum or field placement.

Membership :

Beirut Campus :

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Diana Malaeb
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Fouad Sakr
    • Dr. Jihan Safwan
    • Dr. Mariam Dabbous
    • Dr. Michelle Cherfan
    • Dr. Mohamad Assi
    • Student Asma Abbass

Bekaa Campus :

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Nisreen Mourad
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Dalal Mourad
    • Dr. Rasha Jbara
    • Dr. Susana Abdel Fattah