School of Pharmacy LIU


Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee (AC) at the school of pharmacy was established with the ultimate goal of seeking national and international accreditation of the professional pharmacy program it offers. The accreditation committee will ensure that the program meets established qualifications and educational standards through initial and periodic evaluations. The AC will serve as a steering function to guide all aspects of the accreditation process. The committee will communicate with the accreditation bodies to apply for the accreditation/certification. In addition, it is entrusted to oversee the Self Study Process and coordinate between various committees and departments to achieve accreditation standards required by various accreditation bodies (Lebanese pharmacy programs accreditation agency and ACPE). Furthermore, the AC will collaborate with the institutional accreditation steering committee on matters related to institutional accreditation. The AC will strive to maintain and foster a culture of continual improvement and accountability across the school at all times.

The functions and duties of the committee:

  • Communicate accreditation information about accreditation standards and best practices with the faculty members of the school of pharmacy and provide training related to the areas of accreditation.
  • Become familiar with the ACPE accreditation process, standards, themes, and expectations for self-study report
  • Plan, organize, and coordinate the preparation of the ACPE self-study reports.
  • Assemble supporting evidence in order to meet the requirements of all ACPE Standards
  • Verify the validity and reliability of information included in the writing, and ensure all necessary supporting evidence is in place and appropriately linked to statements indicated in the self-study report
  • Review all drafts of the self-study report and provide feedback
  • Monitor the timelines for the preparation of all accreditation reports and responses required by ACPE.
  • Provide leadership in the preparation of reports.
  • Prepare and coordinate the ACPE site visits.
  • Monitor plans and timelines for the remediation of areas in which the school does not fully meet accreditation standards.
  • Make recommendations as appropriate to the different committees and departments of the school regarding policies, standards, and criteria relating to the ACPE accreditation
  • Delegates authority regarding specific accreditation decisions to the following committees: curriculum committee and assessment committee
  • Serve as a support to the institutional accreditation committee at the Lebanese International University on matters related to institutional accreditation

Meetings Schedule :
On a monthly basis and as needed when called by the committee chair.
To the Dean

  • Committee Chair: Dr. Michelle Cherfan
  • Committee Co-Chair: Dr. Mohammad Al-Assi
  • Committee Members (in alphabetical order):
    • Dr. Marwan Akel
    • Dr. Etwal Bouraad
    • Dr. Dalal Hammoudi
    • Dr. Diana Malaeb
    • Dr. Fadi Hdeib
    • Dr. Fouad Sakr
    • Dr. Jihan Safwan
    • Dr. Mariam Dabbous
    • Dr. Nisreen Mourad
    • Dr. Samar Younes
    • Ismail Jomha (Student)
    • Dima Lazeki (Student)