LIU | School of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

The department of pharmaceutical sciences is one of the four departments of the School of Pharmacy and is responsible for innovative teaching and research in pharmaceutical sciences fields. Students in our department learn the common language of essential pharmaceutical knowledge through courses of medicinal chemistry, dosage forms, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacognosy, herbal medicine, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. The department also pursues practical aspects of pharmaceutical sciences through laboratory courses that tackle drug quantitation, drug compounding and biotechnology. Faculty specialized in their respective disciplines are at the forefront of the department, and the fields of study mostly involve the commencement of professional pharmacy program while they interface with courses in other departments. The department of pharmaceutical sciences seeks continuous improvement through updating and renovation of syllabi and teaching materials. It also maintains links with industry through field visits to outstanding pharmaceutical industries in Lebanon. Research within the department is focused on new drug candidates, methods of drug analysis, antimicrobial resistance and medicinal activities of natural products.