LIU | School of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Professional Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, offered at Lebanese International University is the highest level of professional education in pharmacy. Pharm D degree is a professional post-graduate degree that prepares the pharmacists for the advanced clinical pharmacy practice. Clinical pharmacy is the science and practice of rational medication use in an institutional setting based on the patient's individual needs. Doctor of Pharmacy aids pharmacists in the therapeutic use of drugs primary sources of scientifically valid information and apply new knowledge that contributes to improved health and quality of life in the various Lebanese areas. PharmD candidates practice the clinical pharmacist's experience within the health care system as drug experts. PharmD program provides the students with the knowledge and skills to successfully face the medical challenges in a systematic academic manner. PharmD aims to combine the conventional learning methods given in the five years of the B.S. and apply these basics and standards for the clinical pharmacy program to suite specific patients needs. The curriculum emphasizes on a patient-centered course of study and provides a structure that will enable our students to enter into the practice of pharmacy to serve society as ethical and caring professionals, educate, communicate, and collaborate with patients, colleagues, and other health professionals. The curriculum also provides a fundamental core of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which in composite; promote the fulfillment of a leadership role in the future direction of the profession.